so hi. i'm back from hongkong. it's been slightly more than a couple of days, but anyway the weather's pretty cool there. went shopping, eating, shopping, eating, ocean park, more shopping, disneyland.

here's a pic of my parents in hongkong, don't have much pics of myself since i was the one taking the pics:

then there's disneyland:

and the little green men!

yeah because the pics are large i am lazy to upload more. sums it up anyway. (:

P.S. see you on sat andrea!! and when stacy gets back we can resume our avatar marathon!

permanently blue for you.
so i finally met up with andrea and stacy! hung around vivo city, and i'm totally like wow it's been this long since i met them. but because stacy chang the snail is taking so damn long to post the pics we took at the blue egg thingy, it will have to wait.

sleeping issues continue. went to jog at 9.30pm and i was so freaking scared because the streets were so dark and i was afraid of bats. yup. bats. they fly around estates like that at night okay. no kidding. in my old house, there were a family of bats living on my roof, i get to say hi to them every morning and watch their ears twitch. they're cute, but freaky anyway.

yes, i'm constantly tired, but i'm fucking unable to sleep. SOMEBODY HELP ME.

jean in a bean.

(so because i'm getting lazy about my life, i shall speak in abstract. so reading's all the more easier too.)

nothing much this week. pocket money's cutcutcut. and again, stop telling me what to do. tummy's big appetite has not ceased despite the end of exams, in fact it has become bigger! yumyum. and really i have eaten much more than before, but i'm losing weight. ironic much?

job interview today. waited a long time. ticktock. the manager wasn't around, so i had nothing better to do then to sit at the hr department. stonestonestone. i can only come back in jan since i'm going hk for a holiday in december. then i can celebrate my birthday and christmas to my heart's content. lubdub.

christmas. decor in town isn't that amusing. one that i found though, real funny. it's known as revenge of the christmas trees.

and mary and her evilness:

ate sushi with mary my baby, yummy. walked about, and now i'm hungry again.

tmr will be the first time i'm seeing andrea since she returned. too much time has passed. this day should have come earlier man. the tragedy ends here!! yay.

and recently i think i screwed up my bio clock so bad that i can wake up at 8am and not sleep. what is going on!!! sleep has become my enemy. ):

the life cycle.
Alright, it's past my niece's one month birthday. so here it is! Jermaine Wee. Yayy!!

it's kinda sad because Jerome said he doesn't love Jermaine. ): Jerome's my nephew. and it seems like a cycle, because my oldest brother used to hate me too. haha. well but things change, and Jerome just needs to get used to the fact that the younger kid always gets more attention.

other than that, my life is still pretty much fucking sucky.

For my sake
10 papers more and 9 more days.
i. must. persevere.
math paper 1 and 2, chem paper 1 and 2 are gone and done with.
tmr's chem paper 3 and eng p1. omgggggg stress balls...
this must be the most mentally painful time of my life. time just won't pass any faster!


mirror mirror
The most cruel being on earth - humans
we are scheming, we are judgmental, we are totally selfish beings. we cause war, we inflict pain on other creatures. we cause extinction. we made the clouds dusty, we made the rivers milky, we made the fires in lands of our fellowmen. we brought so much hurt, we left so little love, we find it so hard to admit our mistakes, and we do things wrong when we know they are wrong deep inside us. scientists, politicians, we don't know what we are doing. ironic how we made and created so much philosophy yet nothing's made us wiser, nothing's made us more united. we are constantly driven by greed, by influences, and yet we are so much more fragile than we believe.

lions rule the jungle, preys fear death, but there is a balance in them. the food cycle is only disrupted by our human hands, our human greed, our human man-made knowledge. some think they know it all, some think that God isn't there. Who created unknown knowledge? Who can we name on earth who knows it all? Why do things happen which we cannot explain? It is not science. it definitely isn't any big bang theory. the existence of life and death, the creation of geography, man did not create it. we only mutated it. yet pride clouds judgment, and looking at destruction you believe you're God. ironic isn't it?

we all make mistakes, yet not all are forgiving. the little joy we make in our lives, overcome by the humanly attributes in life. pressure, stress, competition, greed, industralisation. all of which we made the world different, sometimes more hideous than it was before. we are slowly killing ourselves with the little things we call pride, slowly we are killing ourselves, and you don't even know it.

a little less greed, a little more content.
a little less hatred, a little more love.
a little less despair, a little more faith.
a little less pride, a little more trust,
a little less jealousy, a little more acceptance,
a little less anger, a little more peace,
a little less war, a little more unity.
a little less judgment, a little more beauty.

paper planes
this is just another short post, since staying home all day cannot possibly be any exciting to talk about!
but, after finishing avatar season 3, i am now a fan of avatar too! (: yay andrea. and btw, has anyone noticed how the livejournal or rather undead-journal template is so freaky? gee. happy helloween to all anyway!

oh and i'm still stressed about school, but at the same time i really cannot wait for exams to end! these two years are really agonizing. i have so many things to do after ib! (:
prom's a week after my exams, i have no idea what i'm going to do for it. the last prom was so rushed. i was working on that day and i prepared myself in one hour. pro huh. hahaha.
well, good luck for your exams andrea chow!!! and now i'm off to mug.


the end's not near, it's here!


strings of faded time please rewind.
"My hands repeat themselves, so does not time." - Household Gods by Philip Hobsbaum

i have about two weeks more until the big shit drops on me. this is really bloody stressful i just want to grab a suitcase and flee the country. a suitcase with clothes of course. and money. tons and tons of money. maybe i could use the money and make myself a beautiful wooden cottage painted white and and black window panes, with flowy satin curtains, with a beautiful balcony and a wide wooden bench and i can just wake up and go to the balcony, sip a cup of coffee and have scrambled eggs and smoked bacon, made by my servants in french maid attire and a british accent. ok that's odd, but then i'll have hot tight ass gardeners trimming the weeds, and have two golden retrievers peeing in the corner and waiting for me to play ball with them.

omgosh i really want that.

but right now? uh uh not gonna happen. this is just one day gone, and another and another. the above quote is actually the dialogue from a clock. i read it in my english hl past year paper, and it's a great poem, but i nearly failed it. proves two things, i suck in poems, and i am sooooo not ready!!!

basically, much as i want it to be over, i also really don't want it to come. if it doesn't come, no disappointments. if it doesn't come, i'll never have to worry much about my future. as in my future future. it's difficult. i try not to think about it, but i know it's coming faster than i want it and i have to be ready to make a decision and say that yes, this is what i wanna do. all these worries are just my own personal trials, but i know i can do it.

i really miss going out. i really miss hanging out with friends and just doing things that i like. i miss having to just chill and not think that i have something to do and be busy about. i am slacking more and more, and that shouldn't be the case!!!! AHHHHHHHHH HELP. but seriously, this is not everything. i'll just do my best. and to do that JEANETTE STOP WATCHING HEROES AND HOUSE!!!!

and also after the exam, i'll be able to see you soon andrea!!! (: so eggciting!


Pressure's on
Omg how fast time passes! less than a month till the IB comes!! Yesterday i took photos of our class, and i actually feel like i'll miss that stupid class with stupid people like cheam and johannes and changming and their really gay moments. and i'm actually glad i played a part in it. i'm glad i made good friends, and how we all had our little moments and fun class times, experiences and all the little things made my acs experience invaluable. yes despite all the ponning. haha. but can't say that i truly regret coming to acs. i've learnt much. i've changed my perspectives of things, or so i feel.

someday, i'll definitely look back and remember, well, most of these ppl from the class. although i must admit i kep mixing up william and martin. yes and i know they don't even look alike, but still. and even the teachers. how mervie never fails to yell and be deliberately bitchy at times. but honestly, she is a good teacher. i have to thank her for my world lit and ioc. how bernand taylor is ever giving, and even accepting albert as his middle name! so it's like B.A.T. hahaha. and ferdy, no need to say much about that! pat thong, my really good aunt agony who is so patient and so kind. Kheng Hsin, that joke who goes and eat chicken rice and ditches our class! but he is at times helpful too. Ruma, the best biology teacher who has such a peculiar sense of humour, and never fails to drill us with bio knowledge. Thanks for everything.

although this pic doesn't have everyone in it, it's funny and i think it's one pic i will forever laugh at for fun memories.

Classroom moments:

Great times, guys. (:


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